Dear Dr. Luftman,

Thank you for making my recent surgery such a positive experience. While I suspect there are many fine surgeons in the Lexington area, I cannot imagine any who exemplifies the traits I have witnessed with you and your wonderful team.

Beginning with my consultation, I appreciated the frank approach with which you addressed my expectations, making sure not to misrepresent what such a surgery could indeed offer. You were supportive and understanding of my needs, yet frank that this was the beginning of a life-style change, not a miracle cure for wanting to recapture my body of the past.

Between you and your staff no questions were left unanswered, helping me to go into the surgery with enthusiasm rather than apprehension. The personal touch of you and your team exceeded all of my expectations. From sharing your personal cell with my husband to regular post-op calls checking on my condition and offering opportunities for any new questions I might have, I felt at ease as I began my recovery process.

Your office team, as I am sure you know, is stellar, each offering compassion and comfort as I moved through each stage of my surgery journey. Their empathy, as well as their medical expertise is exceptional. I am fairly sure Vicky may be able to perform the surgery herself!

While I am still on the front end of my recovery, I would be remiss in not taking the opportunity to compliment you, not only on my procedure, but more important on the "extras" that I think you and your team provide.